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Many of the tutorials on this page are out of date.

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If you use this page you can continue to use it. We have however started a new training seminar that will navigate you through using ASSISTments. If you are a beginner and would like to register to take the training go here. You will aslo have to register for a new account. THANKS the ASSISTments team.

The Five Steps to Getting Started

  1. Creating a Teacher Account
  2. Navigating Using the Tabs - Quick Tutorial
  3. Creating a Class
  4. Finding and Assigning Pre-Built Content
  5. Creating a Student Account and Enrolling in a Class

Other forms of instruction

The Features of ASSISTments

  1. Building Your Own Content
  2. Skill Builders
  3. Automatic Reassessment and Relearning System ARRS
  4. Parent Notification
  5. Data Driven Instructions
  6. Support for Open Ended Questions
  7. Evaluate the Web
  8. Students working off-line

Relevant reading for teachers

ASSISTments Lingo

  • An Assistment is a question, the answer and the associated feedback.
  • A Problem Set is a grouping of ASSISTments.
  • A Skill Builder is a special type of problem set that students complete by answering 3 questions correct in a row.
  • A Hint is a type of tutoring that gives messages to help students answer a question.
  • A Bottom Out Hint is the last hint; it gives the answer to the question.
  • A Scaffold is a type of tutoring that breaks a question down into steps by asking students a series of questions . Students must answer these questions before trying the original question again. Scaffold questions may include hints.
  • A Feedback Message is a message given to a particular wrong answer.
  • Test Mode is a setting that disables tutoring or feedback from a problem set.
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