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Course Description

This is a beginner online class. Each week you will be given tasks to perform which will include using ASSISTments with your students for formative assessment. You will also participate in discussion with your cohort of ASSISTments users. There is no scheduled meeting time. You do your work during the week it is assigned when it is most convenient for you. The course will be powered by EDMODO a free online platform.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Use the 3 basic features of ASSISTments: Build, Tutor, Assess
  2. Organize their work on ASSISTments into Folders.
  3. Plan a lesson using the Formative Assessment Process.
  4. Deliver a lesson using the Formative Assessment Process.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the following Features in ASSISTments
  6. Skill Building and ARRS
  7. Peer Review System
  8. Data Driven Instruction
  9. Use Parent Notification Function with all or a select number of parents.
  10. Track assessment of Common Core Standards
  11. Recognize how ASSISTment features are a tool for the Formative Assessment Process.
Instructor: Barbara Delaney


We will use Edmodo as our Personal Learning Envoronment. Once you register we will send you information on how to sign in to Edmodo. Only the participant has fulfilled the requirements for a week in the course will be allowed into the following week. If you decide to take the course for credit assignments will be turned in and reviewed by the instructor.

Courses Start on:

  • August 15, FULL
  • October 1, This class has been changed. Go to and then Get Started to register for an account.
  • Cost: $150 to register for the course.
  • Credits: You can also pay for credits from Framingham State University. This is a 3 credit course the credits will cost an extra $225
  • Time: The course will open on the course start date and go for 10 weeks. The final project will be due two weeks after the 10 weeks.

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